Sunday, April 12, 2009

Product love - L'Oreal De-maq expert Elixir Concentrate Ultra Make-Up Remover

Ciao belles,

I hope you're having a happy, peaceful and blessed Easter weekend!

A while ago I read a blog post on He1e says about this product and having run out of my Dermalogica Pre Cleanse I started searching for a new make up remover. The reason I didn't return to this was because I didn't really feel it removed my make up. It did "melt" it under a hot shower but it felt a greasy residue which was harder to remove than the actual make up itself!

I spotted this in the Superdrug aisle a few weeks ago and am impressed. It's great for dissolving and removing your make up leaving the skin nice and clean to use your cleanser to remove any excess impurities.

Only a small amount is needed and you just need to rub it into the skin and then dampen it. It feels light and not at all greasy. I think it was about £5 at Superdrug.

As an added bonus my skin is looking a lot healthier. Now I am resolved to drinking lots of water to really clear it up!

For anyone who is interested, L'Oreal's stance on animal testing can be found here.

Has anyone else used this product? What did they think?

Did you enjoy reading 'Product love'?

Stay fabulous!

Lottie x


  1. i loved dermalogica pre cleanse but cant afford it anymore so looking for my 1st step before my philosophy cleanser, so might check it out if its only £5! & if it doesnt work for me i've not lost a lot of money unlike if i tried other brands! thanks for showing us it because i'd never look for a drugstore cleanser which is a bit stuck up of me! may look into some now if they're good! product love is a good idea, we love learning about other peoples favs to steel for ourselves!!

    xxx hope you had a lovely easter weekend

  2. Hey Nicola, thanks for your message. I'm glad you liked product love. i think I may have a few more up my sleve :)

    Have you checked out Jersey Beauty ( for Dermalogica? It's VAT free, discounted and free P&P.

    Hope you like the L'Oreal if you try it, let me know ifyou find any other good drugstore ones.


  3. glad you like this product, i think its fab and just smells so good! xx

  4. Thanks Hele for alerting it to my attention :) x x