Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bobbi Bright Eye Palette

Ciao belles,

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Hurray for a very long weekend!

My lovely big/little (she is smaller than me!) sister came over last weekend with a super lovely pressie in tow.

*******The Bobbi Brown Bobbi Bright Eye Palette*********

It is so cute and I am having a lot of fun playing with the colours everyday! The are all matte apart from one Shimmer Wash Eye in Ultra Violet and there are 36 colours in total.
I've previously steered away from palettes as I find there are always colours I never use but I can see myself getting good use out of all of these. In any case, each colour is very small! However, most of my eye shadow brushes are small which means the shadows are easy to pick up and product isn't wasted.
I have been experimenting by wearing the darker colours on the outer edge and crease and going lighter towards the inner corner of the eye. I sometimes add some shimmer using say a GOSH or Barry M pigment to enhance the colours.
This would be the perfect little palette to take on holiday as you would have every colour you needed. There are also some lighter nude colours in there if you wanted something more subtle.
I've not used Bobbi Brown eyeshadows before I got this but I'm very impressed with the quality as the products are long wearing and also are suitable for sensitive eyes/contact lense wearers like me.
Has anyone else tried out the palette? What do you think?
If you are reading this Pippa - THANK YOU!!!
Lottie xxx :)


  1. I have this palette and I like the colours and the quality of the shadows, but I just wish the pans were a bit bigger - for something that cost nearly £50 I feel you should get more product... Otherwise a great palette xxx

  2. Luckily I have a generous sister, I agree £50 is quite a lot :) xxx

  3. Was sooo tempted to buy this last week, the colours are lovely, but very similar to colours I already had, think it must be the packaging that cought my eye XD