Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Four Seasons" a Colby Studio Monday Afternoon project

Hey there!

This Summer I was fortunate enough to take part in one of the inspirational Dave Silvester of “The Colby Studio’sMondayAfternoon clubs.

Having met each other working at the same wedding a few years ago we have been meaning to collaborate sometime so this was the perfect opportunity!

Of course, neither of us do things by half so this turned into a far bigger project than we’d originally anticipated and worked as more than a Monday “day” rather than afternoon!

I had the idea of doing four different looks, loosely based around the Four Seasons and wanted to experiment with colour and texture to create wearable art! I was fortunate enough to have the amazing Marco Leonetti of Utopia with his gorgeous assistants Natalie and Samatha to be part of the glam squad.

We had four stunning models for each season: Carla as Spring, Suzanne as Summer, Victoria as Autumn and Danielle as Winter who were all amazing to work with.

Huge thank you also to our amazing creative assistant for the day, Arianna – she rocks!

Thank you finally to Dave for letting us all take over his studio but also for his guidance, advice and support in my career. I learnt a great deal from this shoot. I am fortunate to know and work with you, Dave and hope to work on more projects together in the future! J

I hope you enjoy our collection which you can see on my Facebook page!

Stay fabulous!

C x J