Sunday, April 5, 2009

My art

"Wild Sunflowers" using oil paints with chalk and oil pastels on top
"Ceramic Kandinsky Inspired Piece" using clay and acrylic paints

Different view

Another view

"Lily 1" using watercolour printing techniques and pen

"Lily 2" using watercolour printing techniques and pen

"Lilies" using fabric and printing techniques

"The Forest" using oil paints with chalk and oil pastels on top

"Untitled A" using silk paints
"Untitled B" using silk paints
"Castletown Harbour" using mixed media

I've already added some of my pieces around the edge of my blog but I thought I'd include some larger photos for anyone who is interested.

Please let me know if you have any questions about how I created these pieces. There is a story behind all of them and they mean a lot to me. I only wish I had the time and money to do more.
I hope you like them :)
LottieB xxx
P.S Please do not steal them. Thank you!


  1. Wow! I am always in awe of anyone who can paint and draw, you are a very talented lady!


  2. I was lucky enough to have two teachers who believed in me xx

  3. Your so talented - well done:).

  4. You are so talented. Your work is really beautiful!

  5. Thank you very much girlies x

  6. Ok.. I love your blog.. and your work is FANTASTIC. I cant stop looking at the pics.. you really have a talent!

  7. Thank you so much for the encouragement :)

    Yay! You are following me, I love YOUR blog too! :)

  8. Your an amazing artist. The lillies are my favourite. I would love to have paintings like that in my house when I move out x

  9. Thanks so much, the lilies were part of my final A Level project the rest are GCSE stuff apart from the sunflower, the forest and vase.

    When my finace and I moved in together we put up some of my art to save money buying new stuff. To my suprise everyone seemed to really like it so he encouraged me to start painting again :)

    I can do the lilies again for you, just let me know :) x