Sunday, July 7, 2013

A lovely day for a photoshoot

This May I was invited to take part in something special. It was a fashion photoshoot for a new online company called “Love My Figure, Love My Fashion” at a beautiful manor house in the North of the Island. Launched by Laura Faulds, an Isle of Man based entrepreneur, the concept is simple; by using the onsite calculator, you shop by your body shape in order to find a flattering cut and style.

Self love and care are so important and I like the fact the company name has a double emphasis on "Love" :)

Since its launch a few weeks ago, I have used the site myself and chose the Smila Dress which will be very cute for a night out or a summer day. It’s our two year anniversary soon so I’m saving the dress for that! :)

Back to the shoot itself, I knew I’d have to work quickly and stay organised to make sure everything ran to plan! To prepare for the shoot, I asked Laura to send me some pictures of what she was looking for and made sure (of course!) that my kit was cleaned and prepped.

Luckily, Laura is absolutely lovely and I don’t know how she did it but she managed to keep everyone on track. She was also my first model of six on the day. All my models: Laura, Becky, Sophie, Tania, Janine and Anna, were all such sweet girls and absolutely stunning.

Talented photographer, Jack Alexander, whose blog I have stalked, ooops I mean admired for AGES captured each girl’s beauty exceptionally. I nearly had a fan girl moment when I met him but managed to contain myself. :) It is so nice to meet talented people who love what they do!

The hairdressers also did a fantastic job and one of my favourite parts of the day was meeting the other two makeup artists, Yasmin and Katie. It was great being able to chat to both of them about our mutual love of makeup! They both have a lot of experience with the film, TV and stage side of makeup so it was fantastic to hear about their experiences and to see how they worked.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone on the team and am really happy with how my work came across on camera. It was lovely to make new friends and create something together.

I have added some pictures of my lovely models but there will be more on Facebook soon.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Love, Charlotte x :)

A new chapter

Everyone has a story, but will you write it down? Are you waiting for someone to write your story for you or will you write it yourself?
This blog has been neglected, but I would really like to write my story once more. For me, and for anyone else who has a dream.

Keep reading for an insight into this funny little thing called life and my story. The highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, my present and my future as I follow my dreams and start a new chapter in my life.
Love Charlotte x :)