Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tip of the day - talking about eyebrows

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Good morning everyone and what a beautiful day it is here on the Isle of Man!

My tip of the day is one learnt through experience. To avoid the dreaded "over -pluck" create the shape you want first using a white eyeliner and restrict yourself to not going over the white lines you want to be really particular you can also use a small ruler to make sure your lines are straight. If Remember, it's so easy to take away, not so easy to grow back!

Also, always pluck after a bath or shower as the steam will open up your pores and make it less painful. The skin will also be clean which avoids infections.

Never apply moisturiser, eye cream or make up onto the area you have plucked straight away as it can cause whiteheads.

Hope that helps!

Have a stunning day!

Lottie x x x

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  1. i'm growing my eyebrows out after years of over plucking.. your right... its not that easy for them to grow back lol

  2. I feel your pain hun, I've had every eyebrow shape under the sun! Maybe you could get them waxed or threaded once you get enough re growth? That really helped me! x

  3. Great tip! I always have a problem with making them look even or same shape!!

  4. I 'm trying to stick to those rules myself lately, since I 've entered the over-plucking twilight zone...! :) Although not sure they 'll ever be how I want them to....:))

  5. Mercifully I dont need to pluck my eybrows.. BUT.. recently i have one phantom eyebrow hair which is annoying me. Im going to attack it next time i get out of the shower.. hopefully it will hurt less that way!

  6. OOO you are so lucky!! x