Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dupe alert! Mac and No7

Ciao belles,

I hope you've all had a wonderful day!

I thought I'd share with you a couple of dupes I recently spotted. I bought these two eyeliners a while ago from No7 using the £5 off vouchers. I really like these colours in fact, when I got them home I realised why. In true make up addict fashion, I already had them!
Check out the photos above. To my eye, there is really no difference between these and the MAC versions. Both brands are great quality and give great colour pay off. In addition, both are very long lasting.
Both brands do not test on animals. To find out more click here and here.
The only difference it would seem, is the price. Boots No7's version costs £8.30 and MAC's version costs £12.72.
Have you tried these? What did you think?
Lottie x x x


  1. I love dupes! Thanx so much.

  2. Yup, they look pretty damn similar to me. good work sherlock!x

  3. Thanks girls and wow I've never been called Sherlock before....dupes ahoy! :) x

  4. Those colours are lovely - remind me of the sea :). Thanks for showing us. Will have a look.

  5. Thank you hun. Lovely aren't they? Perfect for Summer x

  6. oooh I love you!!! I was gonna get mac aqualine this wk end, but so definately going to get the boots one now as I have a ton of points it will pretty much be free and that cant be bad :)

  7. ah I already have aqualine but I'll be getting the no7 blue one instead of the MAC, lets hope it has the same staying power :) x

  8. @Elizabeth, how fab, you've got to love Boots points!

    @MediterraneanX - it definitely had staying power for me. In fact, I find both versions hard to remove x