Friday, May 29, 2009

Product love - Shu Uemura Lash Repair

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on a product I've been loving for nearly four months now.

It's called Shu Uemura Lash Repair and costs around £18. As well as conditioning your lashes to help them stay strong, it is a great primer for any mascara. The wand is so tiny and precise you can really get to the tiny little lashes and separate them.

I've definitely seen an improvement in the length and condition of my lashes since using this. They are getting seriously long!

Has anyone else tried this? What did they think?

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lottie x x x

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  1. Hi, Lottie,
    Thank you so much for alerting us to this product!Sounds like it would go very well with a lengthening mascara. Have you noticed any difference in lash thickness or abundance of lashes?

    I've been using coconut oil on my eyelashes at night and I've noticed a real improvement. Have you ever tried it? I heard it's the only oil that can penetrate the hair shaft (so I've been using it instead of Ojon).

    I'm also interested to see what others think of the Shu lash repar.

  2. Ohhh! I want to try this!
    Thanks for this post!

  3. I don't think I 've heard about this product - would love to try it out though!

    Thanx for blogging about this! :) xx

  4. Ooh I want to try this out! Sounds great

  5. @Elana Yes, I've definitely noticed the little ones growing more quickly. Never tried coconut oil, it sounds good though and probably a cheaper alternative although I guess you don't get the wand. Does it sting at all? And where can you get it? Health food places?

    @Lorraine - TheCurrentCustom - thanks Lorraine! Let me know what you think :)

    @tina_mbc Thanks hun, I try and blog about products I haven't seen or haven't seen much about on other blogs :)

    @lydiaoc26 Thanks girlie, let me know what you think! x

  6. Haven't read/seen this before! Time to conduct a Google search :) Thanks!

  7. Hey! I tried this a year or two ago. I thought it was ok but didn't do much for encouraging lash growth - I'd say Talika is better for that :)

  8. @Shortiee31 My pleasure! Shame it didn't work out for you. Thanks for the tip off on Talika, I'll try it next! x

  9. oh I have to check it out then. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  10. No probs! Hope you like it! x

  11. @LottieB Interesting; I may have to give it a try! Yes, I've gotten it at a healthfood place called Whole Foods, although I would think it's widely available. I got the raw, unrefined kind used for baking that comes in a giant jar for $7 USD. I've had no problems whatsoever with stinging, breakouts or irritation (although I would NOT wear this under mascara. You could possibly use it as an oil eye makeup remover). Don't really need the wand, just scoop a tiny bit out and warm between fingers to liquify it and use pinky or ring fingers to gently rub on eyelashes and at base of eyelashes (with eyes closed, of course). Makes a good pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment, too. What mascara do you use?

  12. Sounds good, will def try this out. I use a variety of mascaras atm as I get bored, flavour of the month atm is YSL Faux Cils or Maybelline Lash Stilleto but I think to create length it's all about the application, promise to do a blog post on this soon! x

  13. Ive never heard of this!
    I will defo have to check it out!


  14. I use the lancome one and noticed that my lashes dont fall out!!
    Its almost out so I may try this one to replace it!!