Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For the homemaker in all of us....Country Nik Naks!

I thought I'd do a quick blog post of a really cute website I recently stumbled upon called Country Nik Naks which sells shabby chic french style painted furniture, gifts, cushions, candles, pretty storage boxes, garden and home accessories.

The is a distinctive Laura Ashley/ Cath Kidson theme and the prices are very very reasonable.

I ordered three items for our new house and have made a Polyvore style set with them in it! Can you guess which items they are?

I really hope you enjoy the site, please check it out!

Lottie x x x

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  1. Just looked at the website- there are so many things that I want! Thanks for the recommendation! I really want them heart drawers :) x

  2. O live shaby chic french anything. I have a mirror like the one on the pedistal. So pretty!

  3. Cute! I 'd say you picked the mirror, the boxes and the magazine stand...Did I get any? lol :PP xx

  4. @Daisy I know, it's so cute! I thought you'd like it actually :) Well I got the heart drawers for my make up :)

    @GiGi - it's gorgeous isn't it? And so timeless. The mirror is just beautiful!

    @tina_mbc you did! I got the magazine stand, I love the mirror and the boxes too but already have similar ones :) x

  5. Hey there,
    I'm a new follower -- really enjoying the read.
    I've just started blogging myself and still getting the hang of it. Come check it out if you get a chance. Cheers.

  6. @lipstickrules123 Hey hunni! Welcome to Blogger! Thank you for your nice comment. I've followed your blog too :) Let me know if you have any blog post requests! x

  7. Hey LottieB,
    Thanks for following me! I really appreciate it. I'm going through all your old posts now - you have lots of great tips. The thing is, the more I read, the more I want to shop for more stuff ;-) Cheers, Michelle.

  8. Aww thanks Michelle :) So glad you've enjoyed reading! x