Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TAG: Getting to know me, getting to know you

This is an open tag from the lovely Alexis aka Faffaholic and here are my answers:

What made you choose your blog/twitter/youtube username? Well I write about pretty things in a "geeky" context.

What's your actual name? Charlotte

Do you have any nicknames? Charlie, Lottie, LottieBee, Princess Lottie.

Apart from the obvious make up / beauty hobby, what other hobbies do you have? I'm a keen horse rider and would love to have my own horse one day. I also love art and photography as well as crafty things like jewellery and card making. I love spending time with my friends, lots of whom I have been friends with since high school and even primary school!

What do you do?I've spent the last seven months working in PR which has been a fantastic experience. I will shortly be joining a new company and starting a new role as a marketing coordinator which I can't wait to get stuck in to.

What would you like to do? Live in a Tuscan villa with my fiancee with our own horses and paint everyday for pleasure.

Tell us something embarrassing, but that you love doing? I love cooking big batches of food and then putting it into Tupperware boxes for freezing. It's one of the more fun things about being a "grown up". Am I weird? Probably.

Tell us a little something that we don't already know about you. My fiancee whisked me away for a romantic trip to Florence on our third date! The rest, as they say, is history. I feel so blessed to have met somebody I want to spend the rest of my life with, who understands me, who loves me for who I am and who I love so dearly!

What achievement are you most proud of? Getting my degree in Humanities with Literature from The Open University.

What do you most like about yourself? I try to be kind.

What would you change about yourself if you could? I am a work in progress, the rest is still unwritten.

If you could have anything in the world (that doesn't cost any money), what would you want? I don't wish bad things on anyone but I particularly wish that bad things didn't happen to good people.

I tag all the lovely people who follow my blog!
Lottie x x x

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  1. Aww I love Florence! How lovely that he took you there! xx

  2. this is lovely page :)

  3. @Daisy thanks, I'm very lucky!

    Thank you LV x

  4. This was a fab read Lottie :) Your blog always makes me smile, and it makes me smile even more to know that you're happy and doing what you love :) x x x

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment Laura. It means a lot as I am still a little wary of putting up "personal" things. Love your blog too, keep up the good work! I really hope a great opportunity is coming up for you. Love X x