Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tips for faking it, not baking it!

Good evening all!

Juliet at (check out her blog for all things crafty) requested I do a blog post on some fake tanning tips so here are my two pennies worth:

1. Know when enough is enough - Embrace yourself for who you are!

How gorgeous does Nicola from Girls Aloud look now she's ditched the fluro orange look? It's okay to be a bit different. After all, "If everybody looked the same, we'd get tired of looking at each other."

2. Subtle is best

Johnson's Holiday Skin and the Dove Gradual Fake Tanner are brilliant for developing a natural looking glow. To build it up a bit more quickly choose the versions for normal to darker skin.

3. Add sparkles

For a bit of shimmer I love Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil and/or Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. Both look really pretty on paler skins.

4. Use your bronzer

For a quick fix of colour just use your usual bronzer with a large body brush (Marks & Spencers do a good version which doesn't shed).

6. Get an immediate tan - then wash it off

Rimmel London's Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Make up is great for a quick fix. It's perfect for last minute plans to go out if you want to wear a skirt or dress because it really is instant. I suggest wearing some thin surgeon's plastic gloves to apply so you don't get any product staining to your hands.

7. A recommendation

I don't normally get on with fake tan. In fact I have ended up "tangoed" more often than not. However, I finally discovered Shiseido Brilliant Bronze Quick Self - Tanning Gel which is brilliant. It gives a really natural colour and never goes orange. You only need a small amount and the bottle lasts for ages.

8. Enjoy the sun

But stay safe, always wear at least a SPF15.

9. Avoid sunbeds

We all know why...cancer, premature ageing, need I say anymore?

Hope this helps!

Does anyone else have any good tips?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Take care,

Lottie x x x

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  1. Heya...ur my first follower!im quite excited..eheheh. thank you... :) and ill be updating myself with urs aswell.. :)

  2. I always want to jump in a tanning bed when I see a person w/a tan. Or those great tanned legs. I stop myself though. Thanks for the tips & recommendations!!

  3. Great advice you collected!! I always get nervous with wash off products so my tip is.. if its hot outside and you may sweat.. avoid them tey stain clothes.
    Instead to get a glow use a dry oil with goden shimmer.. these tend to hold on better! xx

  4. i agree that shimmer enhances a tan. i use a shiny sunblock (LOL) on my arms & legs.

  5. Cheers girls! Tali, do you have one in particular you'd recommend? To be honest, it is rarely hot (although last couple of weeks have been stunning!) on the Isle of Man so I've been ok with the Rimmel stuff! :0 x

  6. Thanks for the tips and recommendations! I'll check Shiseido's gel

  7. Thanks Catanya, let me know what you think! x