Monday, June 29, 2009

Tip of the day!

Have you run out of shaving foam/gel?

Fear not! Simple hair conditioner will work just as well and will protect the skin.

Try it out!

Lottie x x x


  1. Great tip :)

    I get an allergic reaction to shaving gels so I have been using conditioners for years to shave my legs. It is a good way of using the conditioners you buy that are not so great on your hair!

  2. tip!! :)

    Shaving gels are such a pain to buy in their clunky cans.. i end up using soap anyway!!

  3. Yes!!! This is a great tip, it seems to act as a moisteriser too then xxx

  4. I haven't bought shave gel in years, I use hair conditioner or my shower gel's lather. Thanks for sharing this tip!!

  5. Lottie.. where are you!? When there are no polyvores or tips I start getting nervous! lol!! xx

  6. Hehe Tali I am still alive I've just been enjoying reading everyone elses blogs :)

    Plus most evenings I've been making the most of the sunshine.

    Posts en route, just for you :) x x