Saturday, June 20, 2009

Polyvore of the day....

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, unfortunately I'm feeling extremely tired and a bit headachy :(

On to the fun stuff!

Today we have:

"Feeling Blue"
Cool, calm and collected.

"Sitting Pretty"

Embrace your inner girly side with this pretty pastel and floral casual look. "Be Careful What You Wish For"

An explosion of stylish colour!

Hope you enjoy these!
Lottie x x x


  1. I love your blog, it is so much fun. You are gorgeous as well :D

  2. I love adriana so you can guess which is my favourite!!

    Fell better soon hon. Get some rest.. dont stay online too much it will make the headache worse! xx

  3. @Tali, thank you! I feel much better now :)

    @Caramel Diva - thank you! That's very sweet of you! x

  4. Hope you'll feel better soon, hun... The sets are gorgeous as always, I really like the blue one :) xxx

  5. Thank you sweetie x x x :) Much better now thanks x xx