Sunday, June 14, 2009

Polyvore of the day......

Today I have been playing on Polyvore and have come up with these sets. I hope you like them!
I've been showing my Mum how to use it too and she helped me create "Lilac Haze" and "Summer Loving".

"Lilac Haze"

Whimsical, delicate and pretty. A dream for every girl's wardrobe! "Summer Loving"

Be adventurous this summer with hot yellow and blues!
"Working 9 till 5"
For all the ladies who are back to work tomorrow like me :)

"Long Hot Nights"
A simple, classic summer look for dreamy evenings sitting by the sea.

"Red and blue"
Dramatic and bold; ladylike a chic!

Lottie x x x


  1. Ahhhh so pretty!! My polyvore attemps look like a mess.. yours are so neat & artistic!

    Im loving the third one.. it really is the essence of summer. Ugh.. now all i need is a white linned dress and a beach.. God i need a holiday!

    Hope your well and that you had a good weekend!! xox

  2. Pretty! I'm loving the 4th and 5th one!

  3. Lovely lovely sets there! ;) xx

  4. @Tali, thank you hunni! Very sweet of you! What's your Polyvore user name? I bet yours are really good!

    I me thinking of holidays.....somewhere nice and hot.....!

    @Mama Mish Mash and @tina_mbc Thank you very much girlies! x