Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sorry I couldn't come and play at Barry M!

Hello gorgeous ladies,

I'm at my parent's house at the moment and found these photos on my Mum's laptop. They are, in short my homage to Barry M using the products I have! I did them on the day of the event. I was going for lunch with my Mum and Mother in Law in case anyone is interested. They are used to me and my colourful combinations though!

I loved reading everyone's reports of the event; it looked awesome! It would have been great to meet some of you and play with Barry M goodies!

Unfortunately because of other commitments I can't make the Maybelline/Garnier event either but hopefully there will be an event soon where I can meet some fellow enthusiasts!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend.

Let me know if you like these looks or if you have any questions or would like any reviews!

Lottie x x x


  1. You are gorgeous! ;)
    Pls make more purple looks, I think they suit yu really well! ;) xx

  2. Thank you Tina, that's very sweet of you! And thank you for the inspiration, I will do a purple look of the day soon :) x

  3. Your eyes are such a pretty color im convinced you would look good with every color! Id love to see a sparkly blue and gold look!

    My fave eye look is the picture on the side above your followers with the bright green eyeliner and lime eye-shadow.

  4. Awww thank you Tali you are too kind! I will definitely do a blue and gold look soon :) x x