Monday, January 24, 2011

Bubblegarm's 'Make me up' Sigma Competition

Hi ladies

I've done a further two entries for the lovely Bubblegarm's 'Make Me Up' Sigma Competition in the 'Make Me Blush'(Pink)and'Make Me Cool'(Teal).

'Make me Blush' (Pink)

'Make Me Cool'(Teal)

The pink is certainly not a 'wearable' look but make up is all about having fun and expressing yourself! The eyelashes are great fun and I was pleased to use them.

For the teal look I went for a tropical theme. I adore turquoise, blues and teals and this is definitely something I'd wear.

I will update with product information soon.

I would love to know what you think!

Love Lottie xxx

Are you entering the competition?


  1. the pink feathers are amazing for costume!!

  2. heyyyy congratulations to being one of the Sigma winners!!!

    saw your entry on the page and just had to find you and subscribe :)


  3. Love the first one, striking look!

    Good luck doll! x

  4. well done on winning sweet :)
    both looks were fab but especially love the pink lashes! xx

  5. Love. Love. Love. Thanks so much for sharing. Your blogs my new fave.
    Please visit mine at

  6. Thank you SO very much for your lovely comments everyone :) xoxox