Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eye make up removers

Hey everyone,

I wonder what everyone's thoughts are on eye make up removers?  There are probably hundreds to choose from and there is nothing worse than buying one then having to rub away at your eyes to get your make up off.  The area around the eye is so delicate and is one of the first areas which will show the signs of aging so it's really important to look ater this part of the skin. 

In my fairly limited experience I'd say Lancome's Bi Facial is the excellent but pretty pricey (about £14), it just melts everything off and there is no need to apply very much pressure.


Popping in closely behind is Boots No7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make-up Remover which I use everyday.  It's excellent at getting everything off too and doesn't irritate. It's also quite handy if you every get those £5 off vouchers from Boots as then it only costs about £2 - bargain!

I've tried a couple of samples from Dermalogica which seems good too.  Speaking of which, if you are fellow Dermalogica fan (I''m addicted to their tinted moisturiser) then you MUST check out this site called Jersey Beauty.  Everything is VAT free and they do super fast free, well packaged delivery.  Yay!

I use to use Clarins Instant Eye Make up Remover when I worked for them in the good old days.  This is also excellent at getting rid of all my mascara and so on.  Sadly, things didn't work out for me and this remover as it started to irritate my eyes.  But I wouldn't let that put you off as my skin is quite volitile!

To try and take care of the skin around my eyes I also use Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care High Protection SPF30 because, as we all know, the sun really ages the skin and even on cloudy days the rays are still there!  It's quite expensive but it last for ages because you only need the tiniest amount (the size of a rice grain) each day.  I also wear big sunglasses whenever the sun comes out (hmmmm.....when will that be then?) especially if I'm driving as squinting your eyes can't be good for the skin around them.

I'm going to follow this blog post up with one on eye creams.  I'm just trialing something at the moment and will then let you all know how the ones I've tried compare.

Thanks for stopping by, I'd lovc to hear some views on the great eye make up remover debate!

Enjoy your evening!

LottieB x

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