Friday, February 6, 2009

Beauty is skin deep?

Hey there fellow bloggers and bloggerettes!

So this is where I'm going to get kind of geeky.

Today on Twitter @thebeautybrains posted a link to describing how, in an interview with the BBC, prominent Muslim feminist Baroness Haleh Afshar has suggested abolishing cosmetics because they perpetuate a myth of eternal youth.

Okay, this suggestion  is both implausible and impractical but it does beg the question, has the beauty industry gone to far?  This blog post by fellow twitterer @shepower really illustrates the lengths to which the industry will go to get their perfect picture.  How far are we all influenced by these types of images?  I briefly tuned into '10 Years Younger' last night and couldn't get through the program.  A woman is her fifties was getting cut apart on an operating table and it wasn't very pleasant.  Maybe it is easy for me to judge, only 24, no wrinkles (yet!) but I just hope that anyone who goes through with such a procedure has had counselling and support before hand.   Maybe what she really needed was some love and attention.

There is the argument that we are exposed to countless unrealistic ideals of what a women should look like day in, day out.  We can pop into a newsagents to educate ourselves with a newspaper yet we are bombarded with these perfect images on the front covers of magazines.  However, the truth is, no one is forcing us to buy these magazines or to subscribe to these ideals.

I really enjoy experimenting with make up and I don't think there is anything wrong with making the most of yourself.   In fact I think it's great!  I've found the make up blogging community to be really friendly and I love watching YouTube videos by the likes of Julie713 , Panacea81 and Lollipop26 and many more.  I think these videos are fantastic because they show a willingness to share ideas, inspiration and knowledge with others and we get real honest unbiased not to make expensive mistakes!  The reason I've been blogging about beauty is because I enjoy it and it's my view that if we know something which may help someone, why not share it?

However, I also think that as women, it's important to make the most of ourselves in every other aspect too.   I think it's very easy to get carried away and start foccussing on what's outside rather than what's inside our hearts and minds.   Beauty doesn't last forever and our products are just posessions.  We can also encourage and support each other in nuturing our inner gifts and talents.  I'm sure the majority of women out there have a very balanced view and know that what you look like doesn't completely make you who you are.

The irony is, and I'm actually ashamed to admit this: after reading Baroness Haleh Afshar's comments, I immediately and without thinking, did a Google image search to see what she looked like. 

Did you do the same?

As always I'd love to hear your comments.

Have a lovely weekend, I am wishing for snow here on the Isle of Man!

LottieB x

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