Monday, March 30, 2009

Six months in PR

The past six months have certainly flown by, and I’ve been on a steep learning curve. My introduction into the world of PR has been interesting, varied and exciting; I learned something new every day. By working with Strive PR’s various clients I’ve gained insight into a range of industry sectors including technology, non for profit, HR, finance and more.

I’ve also discovered the importance of solid writing skills. In fact, I think this where I improved the most over the past six months. I’ve learned that the media are inundated with thousands of news releases and pitches every day, but only small fraction of those stories get published. Most are rejected usually on the strength of the lead or even the e-mail subject line. To be successful you need to get the tone just right, and style, spelling and grammar must be flawless. It’s an art, really...

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