Friday, March 27, 2009

Make up storage

Hello ladies,

Hope you've all had a great week.

I'm also super nosey about make up collections, not necessarily because of the make up itself but because I'm interested in storage solutions.

I have my own little tower with different drawers for different things :)

On top are all my brushes, sharpeners, curlers etc. Each pot is for eyes, lips, face and then I use the silver pot for everyday brushes.
The next compartment is in three sections which I've separated into mascaras, pencil eyeliners and shade sticks and liquid liners.

The next drawer is for lipliners, lipsticks and glosses.

Then I have all my powder eyeshadows, cream eyeshadows, dazzle dusts, pigments and false lashes.
Next, I have all my highlighters, bronzer, tinted moisturisers, foundations, concealers, sponges and blushes.
The next drawer has all my nail stuff and polishes.

And the final drawer is full of samples and travel sized items for the gym or holidays.

The drawer set is just from B&Q I think is was about £25. Everything gets tidied and brushes get washed at the weekend. Then, during the week, I chuck the things I use every day into the purple vanity boxes (one for eyes, lips and face). They were a set from Superdrug for about £10. They sit on my dressing table.
The plastic boxes are great as you can see exactly what you need and they're easy to just wipe clean. Also, having a tower is great if you don't have all that much room.

I'd ideally like something prettier but am a bit stuck for inspiration. Any ideas?

How do you store yours?

LottieB xxx

P.S By the way, this all started with an innocent Mac make over when I started uni, be warned! However, I'm fairly certain I have finally found a group of people who think this is normal.


  1. I store mine exactly the same as you! A set of clear plastoc drawers and a box on my dresser that has my everyday stuff in!! xx

  2. I love post like these! Thanx for doing it. I will have to do one too.

  3. Thanks girls, would love to see your storage too xx

  4. Oh wow, you have a great make-up collection!

    I bought these drawers yesterday and I just want the whole set of Laura Ashley storage! They're so cute.

  5. Thanks @Daisy! These are very cute, I am a bit worried about getting something in white though. Do you think they will get dirty/smeary with make up? And do you think all my stuff would fit? I'll keep my eyes peeled at WH Smith. xxx

  6. @LottieB I'm not too sure- possibly. I will let you know! Maybe it's best to keep it for 'safer' make-up like bottles that aren't likely to spill! I doubt all of your stuff would fit though- it's not huge! You'd probably need 5 to fit your collection hehe. It's worth checking out though :)