Tuesday, July 21, 2009

London Calling!

Hello my lovely followers,

I hope you've had a fab day!

I'm planning an exciting little adventur to London with my fiance and wondered if anyone could recommend....well anything really! I'm a firm beliver in "word of mouth" to find cool places. I've been lucky enough to visit London quite a few times so have done the standard touristy things. It would be cool to find some interesting places to visit/eat/stay and above all shop!

I'm looking for somewhere a little unique/interestingand non generic to stay, preferably near the Canary Wharf area but anywhere central. Apartment or hotel room is fine. Obviously the less we have to spend on accomodation, the more money we have to spend on other things! Above all it must be clean and preferably modern.

Shopping - obviously an extremely important but I'm looking for unique and different places. Vintage and/or charity shops or markets would be great. Also are there any particulalry good places to find beads etc for jewellery making?

Also any other tips for a romantic break are much appreciated.

Please help!

Love Lottie x x x

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  1. Im useles when it comes to places to stay but for the rest..the shopping part

    Try Camden market (but you have to sift through a lot of junk to find a treasure) or Covent Garden for assecories.. bothe places have the usual shops as well as hidden treasures. My favourite area is Covent Garden.

    If you go to Soho and walk to Carnaby street youll pass a couple of more original stands and stores.

    Soho and Covent G are my fave places to chill and grab a coffee or lunch.

    Try avoid places like Harrods and Selfridges...way too many tourists and nothing original to be found.

    Hope you have a nice trip!! xx

  2. ps.yay the cool polyvore!!

  3. For vintage/unique things you have to go to Camden Market, its amazing, its spread out and is huge! I have found so many gorgeous bits of jewellry there! The food there is really good value too!

  4. Your polyvore is so preety and stylish.
    Hope you have a great time in London :)xx

  5. @Tali, thank you for your comment! I love Camden market and Covent Garden too I've never been to Carnaby Street though so we'll definitely check that out! It must be so much fun to actually live there!

  6. @jobbetterdays Yes! I love Camden market, esp when all the design students have their stalls out. You can find some gorgeous stuff x

    @Gabriela Thank you! x x x

  7. my GOD yor eye are so buetiful


  8. Hi, I was down in London today - first time in months and I came across 'The Bead Shop'! Yep, just near Covent Garden, on Tower Rd near the corner with Tower Court. You can googlemap it - it's the one in WC2H. I didn't go in, but it looked pretty big. Have fun!
    PS, I joined Polyvore yesterday - you're a bad influence ;-)

  9. hey! oxford circus is a good place to shop but not just on the main street..the secret to good buys is that you have to turn in to all the corners and then you'll find other amazing shops...hope that helps..
    Nice blog

  10. That's so nice!
    Have a great time!
    Definately visit the giant topshop at oxford street. And when you're in front of it, cross the street, walk in to the small street right in front of the topshop on the other side of the road, go left. Then there is a really cozy street, but walk past that. After a while there are a few really nice restaurants!

  11. Hi :)
    I love the Camden Market (and also the pubs hehe; Camden is a cool area to go for a drink also - maybe a little bit alternative, but cool)!
    Big kiss

  12. carnaby street and kingly court are great places in london for vintage finds

  13. haha.. i am still waiting missy! This is your kick in the butt calling!!
    Whats keeping the posts? Whats making you so busy!?! I miss the polyvores and posts...AND where are the tips???? xoxoxx

  14. Hello Tali!! Thank you! You're a star! There is nothing very exciting that's keeping me busy just work!! Also, I have nowhere to put my computer really so it's just on the floor. I'm saving up for an Apple! I will post tonight though, I miss blogging :) xc